laboratory KPIs

Optima Lab efficiency

How to evaluate the efficiency of your laboratory services

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Getting an overview of the extent to which, the laboratory meets top management expectations and customers satisfaction, happen to be overwhelming for laboratory managers. They are often confronted with an…

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Why is Lab Resource Management such a hot topic nowadays?

1980 1320 Optima Team

The European “rendez-vous” for the Laboratory Informatics industry took place last April at the Paperless Lab Academy®. The Optima team has just come back from the 9th European edition of…

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laboratory resource management system

Have you got your LRMS?

2048 1152 Optima Team

What you read in the title is not a typo, but a serious proposal from Optima. The introduction of a new acronym for a tool that eases the life in…

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machine learning

The concept of machine learning applied to lab resources scheduling

2048 1132 Optima Team

Machine learning provides the ability to automatically learn without being explicitly programmed, with the aim to allow computers to learn through data and experience without the need of human intervention. Before…

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Optima Laboratory Resource Management system

Resource scheduling: the brightest source of information for laboratory KPIs

1929 1287 Optima Team

Resource Scheduling: One of the largest “black holes” in the laboratory data management landscape Laboratory managers are continuously challenged with the request to provide the required information in the shortest…

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