How to choose a lab resource scheduling tool: Technological tips to simplify your life at work

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A good project preparation, the buy-in from the users, the right solution for your specific needs, a smooth implementation, those are the key factors for the success of a laboratory.…

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Resource scheduling for service labs – a critical tool to improve the business performance

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To start with, it may be good to make clarity on the lexicon and give a definition to service labs. We refer to a service lab as a laboratory that…

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Optima Lab Reporting

How an efficient lab reporting can drive value in the laboratories

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Start with the end in mind! Projects should always start with a clear focus on the expected outcome. Keeping in mind which are the goals of the implementations, the project…

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machine learning

The concept of machine learning applied to lab resources scheduling

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Machine learning provides the ability to automatically learn without being explicitly programmed, with the aim to allow computers to learn through data and experience without the need of human intervention. Before…

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Lab resource scheduler

How efficient is your lab? Ask a Lab resource scheduler

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Preparing and sharing meaningful KPIs related to the lab performance is often a challenge for lab managers This challenge can be overcome, with the help of a lab resource scheduler.…

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The cost of quality in Service Labs

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Cost of quality in service labs is often a challenge that lab managers face and have to overcome on a regular basis In fact, many decision makers have limited understanding…

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Cost of quality in Manufacturing Environments – Quantifying the value of Lab Quality

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Cost of quality of QA/QC activities drives to challenges in a production environment There is a strong and direct correlation between quality of the processes and costs of the laboratory…

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optima resource management

Laboratory Resource scheduling: a gap in the IT productivity tools for laboratories

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The importance of laboratory planning activities Several Gartner & Mc Kinsey reports state since a while, that laboratory resource scheduling is one of the most critical and complex task to…

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optima online support

Support During COVID-19 Outbreak

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To our valued customers and partners, As everyone around the world continues to navigate through the uncertainty of COVID-19, Optima is committed to be at your side throughout this overwelming…

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resource scheduling

Optima a single platform for laboratory resource management

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Resource Management for Resource Optimization Laboratories are dedicating considerable resource efforts to ensure the best task allocation between the operators and the instruments available. In some occasion, even a team of…

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