Optima Lab Management Tool

Optima is your easy-to-use Lab Management Tool. Optima allows laboratories to centralise in a single tool  the resources information and status and receive the requests in order to adequately and automatically coordinate them all.

Optima lab resource management

Book, Plan and Adjust

  • Agile Requests upload
  • Automatic Scheduling proposal
  • Planning adjustment by simple Drag&Drop
  • Add new tasks and events anytime
  • Book instruments, rooms in line with the lab needs
Optima lab resource management reports

Reports, Dashboards and Analytics 

  • Built-in reports showing Tasks status with simple filtering
  • Scheduled instruments and team members vs. maximum allocation.
  • Reports presented as Graph, List or Gantt Chart
  • Data export to any preferred statistical tool for further analysis
Optima connectivity

Connect with Legacy Systems

  • Connection with any system like LIMS, ELN, LES, ERP, etc.
  • Web services Capabilities. Extensive API library
  • User authentication integrated with most modern options for Single Sign-On
  • Import/Export features available in any screen
  • Easy upload of system setting for quick implementation
Optima Lab resource management AI

Automated Scheduling

  • Automatic task scheduling
  • Resource assignment based on user defined rules
  • Flexible reassignment and adjustments for final tuning
  • Possibility of multiple iterations to optimise final planning
Optima Lab resource management easy implementation

Easy to Deploy, Quick to Implement

  • 100% web based, zero impact on the current infrastructure
  • Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform
  • Ready to use from Day 1
  • Automatic upload of system configuration
  • Secured admin tasks and User permissions
  • Fully configurable reports, no IT intervention required
Optima lab resource management enterprise

Enterprise Ready

  • From single lab to global deployments
  • From single site pilot to multi-site implementations
  • Single-tenant and multi-tenant architecture
  • Scalable Data Base Management System
  • Multilingual capability
  • 24h Technical support


Do you think Optima can answer your needs and help you improve your work at the laboratory? Schedule a demo with us, we’ll be happy to talk you through the software and its functionalities in details!


laboratory data center
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Empower your lab from a Data Center to a Decision Facilitator

Too often the message coming to the laboratories in manufacturing companies is that they are being considered as a cost center from upper management. As a result, Lab managers find themselves forced to focus in justifying their costs.  Consequently, their energy and time are defocused from investing in the lab added values for the company.…

laboratory resource management system
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Have you got your LRMS?

What you read in the title is not a typo, but a serious proposal from Optima. The introduction of a new acronym for a tool that eases the life in the labs and optimizes their work. A suitable and affordable Laboratory Resource Management System – LRMS – for your business needs. The common Lab Informatics…

Optima Lab Resource Management System
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New Version 2021.1 Software Release Announcement

Press Release: Optima Laboratory Resource Management System V2021.1 Software Release Announcement We are delighted to announce the new Optima Laboratory Resource Management System – LRMS version 2021.1. released by July 1st, 2021. It is a major milestone incorporating a sophisticated engine that automates the complex scheduling process of the laboratory resources. Optima’s algorithm combines all…