Optima Lab Management Tool

Optima is your easy-to-use Lab Management Tool. Optima allows laboratories to centralise in a single tool  the resources information and status and receive the requests in order to adequately and automatically coordinate them all.

Optima lab resource management

Book, Plan and Adjust

  • Agile Requests upload
  • Automatic Scheduling proposal
  • Planning adjustment by simple Drag&Drop
  • Add new tasks and events anytime
  • Book instruments, rooms in line with the lab needs
Optima lab resource management reports

Reports, Dashboards and Analytics 

  • Built-in reports showing Tasks status with simple filtering
  • Scheduled instruments and team members vs. maximum allocation.
  • Reports presented as Graph, List or Gantt Chart
  • Data export to any preferred statistical tool for further analysis
Optima connectivity

Connect with Legacy Systems

  • Connection with any system like LIMS, ELN, LES, ERP, etc.
  • Web services Capabilities. Extensive API library
  • User authentication integrated with most modern options for Single Sign-On
  • Import/Export features available in any screen
  • Easy upload of system setting for quick implementation
Optima Lab resource management AI

Automated Scheduling

  • Automatic task scheduling
  • Resource assignment based on user defined rules
  • Flexible reassignment and adjustments for final tuning
  • Possibility of multiple iterations to optimise final planning
Optima Lab resource management easy implementation

Easy to Deploy, Quick to Implement

  • 100% web based, zero impact on the current infrastructure
  • Enterprise Low-Code Application Platform
  • Ready to use from Day 1
  • Automatic upload of system configuration
  • Secured admin tasks and User permissions
  • Fully configurable reports, no IT intervention required
Optima lab resource management enterprise

Enterprise Ready

  • From single lab to global deployments
  • From single site pilot to multi-site implementations
  • Single-tenant and multi-tenant architecture
  • Scalable Data Base Management System
  • Multilingual capability
  • 24h Technical support


Do you think Optima can answer your needs and help you improve your work at the laboratory? Schedule a demo with us, we’ll be happy to talk you through the software and its functionalities in details!


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