Optima LRMS New Version V2023.1 Release Announcement

laboratory resource management system

Optima LRMS New Version V2023.1 Release Announcement

1366 772 Optima Team

We are delighted to announce a major update of our Optima LRMS, Laboratory Resource Management System version 2023.1 released by January 1st, 2023.

It is a major milestone, achieved according to plan, which incorporates multiple enhancements for our users. The main areas intervened are:

  • Forecast Feature
  • User Experience
  • Advanced customizable reports

Forecast Feature       

Successful performance and efficient output are closely linked to the ability to make accurate assumptions about the future. The forecasting feature recently introduced in Optima LRMS enables laboratory managers and supervisors to make accurate forecasts that they can use to design appropriate testing programmes. Optima LRMS allows the availability of instruments and analysts to be determined for potential future requirements and tasks to be scheduled in a virtual calendar. This virtual calendar can be easily compared with the actual one to check the availability of “as-is” resources in real time

With its forecasting function, Optima LRMS helps companies make informed decisions about targets and resource investments.

User Experience

User experience is always our number one priority. We have developed several features that make Optima LRMS even more valuable and helpful.

  1. Easier to use Menu Bar:

All elements of the menu bar intuitively support the logic of the Optima Engine. Users have immediate access to the area of the app that meets their specific needs.

  1. Filters and charts:

Optima LRMS includes filters in the “Request management” section to facilitate the selection of parameters to be used and to visualise the list in a preferred way. In addition, all results can be visualised in personalised charts.

  1. Multilingual Application:

By using Oracle’s National Language Support, we have designed Optima LRMS as a multilingual application. Optima LRMS can be used in virtually any language supported by Oracle, including multi-characters languages such as Japanese or Chinese. This feature allows international access to users. It also helps to provide an interface for performing different processes on a global level; it contributes to transparency within the laboratory and facilitates portability.

  1. Single Sign-On:

SSO makes life easier for Optima LRMS users by essentially facilitating seamless and secure access to the application. With SSO we aim to improve the customer experience and minimise security risks.

Advanced customizable reports

Pivot charts, pie charts, bar charts, filters and views allow users to analyse data from different perspectives. Optima LRMS enables work on ad hoc configurations. It facilitates the organisation of data and ensures easy and secure collaboration with internal or external partners. The software also allows users to customise reports and combine all data of interest into a single table to facilitate data export.

Lab equipment utilisation, staff allocation, request trends, timely delivery, to name a few: Customised reports help labs keep efficiency high and improve performance, drastically reducing costs.

“The Optima algorithm combines all the information collected in the system environment and the historical data generated to produce a planning proposal for the best way to coordinate human and instrumental resources to perform the required tasks and meet the needs of the laboratory.

This major update consolidates the user interface, integrates agile custom reporting tools, and empowers the Optima engine to propose short-, medium- and long-term forecasting options.

An LRMS is an unprecedented approach to laboratory resource planning. It helps every type of laboratory, from R&D to QC, from manufacturing companies to companies that provide laboratory services as their core business. All companies that rely on laboratories to get their products to market quickly will see great benefits in using Optima. They will be able to streamline their operations and deliver to their customers on time.

Optima is the answer to a complex activity that will increase the efficiency of your laboratory and increase the satisfaction of your customers” Commented Roberto Castelnovo, CEO at Optima

Optima PLC Tracking Tools S.L., www.optima.life, is a software company founded in 2016. Optima aims to provide advanced and competitive solutions to the challenges of laboratory resource management with its LRMS. It contains a sophisticated engine that automates the complex laboratory resource planning process. Users have confirmed the benefits of implementing Optima LRMS in their facilities. Its capabilities make it suitable for any laboratory from any industry.


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