How to boost efficiency and improve KPIs measurement – the SECOP Case study

Optima - Secop Case Study

How to boost efficiency and improve KPIs measurement – the SECOP Case study

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A case study in implementation, change management and partnership

Secop is the expert for advanced hermetic compressor technologies and cooling solutions in commercial refrigeration. The Group develops high performance stationary and mobile cooling solutions for leading international commercial refrigeration businesses, designs and manufactures hermetic compressors and electronic controls for refrigeration solutions in the Stationary Cooling and Mobile Cooling segments.

Secop partnered with Optima LRMS to develop a new vision for their laboratories, for which they aimed at achieving a successful global laboratory management.

The Secop Group has two production facilities in Austria and Slovakia and five research centers in Austria, Slovakia, Germany, China, and the USA. The laboratories struggled to ensure a clear and consistent flow of communication among themselves, which led to obstacles, bottlenecks and difficulties in carrying out daily activities efficiently and effectively. The labs also faced the challenge of KPI measurement and were looking for a system that could help them optimize the analysis of results and draw useful and fruitful insights from it.

The implementation of Optima LRMS so far has shown very good improvements in efficiency and communication and the different stakeholders in the lab environment have seen clear benefits: from the technicians to the Global Lab Managers, Optima LRMS helps and supports them in their daily activities

The objectives of SECOP

Implementing an LRMS to boost efficiency and improve the measurement of the KPIs at global level. 

In selecting a partner to create a consistent and error-free communication flow between laboratories around the world, SECOP looked for a company with knowledge and experience in the manufacturing sector that was able to understand the client’s dynamics and also guide and advise us on the implementation of the system. But not only, SECOP actually looked for a partner with expertise in workflow optimisation and change management.