Your Laboratory Resource Management System

No more excel files or never-ending meetings! Optima is your new LRMS - Laboratory Resource Management System

Who benefits from Optima? 

Optima provides a unique platform to manage the laboratory resources. Optima is a Lab Resource Management Tool that eases the scheduling, booking and planning and facilitates informative reports.

Lab Manager


One single tool to coordinate the team and the instruments


Anticipate and book instrument, room, etc vs expected needs


Get your requests and projects duly programmed for higher lab resources efficiency


Share information with stakeholders and team members

Operational Excellence

Lean Lab processes

Digitalise the processes for greater efficiency


Get smart measurement and visibility of the lab productivity

Continuous Improvement

Get the team on board with evidence


Get fact-based answers to your company business demands

IT Business Partner

Low code development software

Optima focuses on your business processes rather than software development

Licence models

On premise, Perpetual license or SaaS, monthly fee-based licence


Easy connection to virtually any system via web services. Extensive API library available.


Connect with most used tools for exhaustive reports

Why choose Optima as your Laboratory Resource Scheduling Tool?

Resource Management

Which resources to allocate to which project? Pick the expert that most suits you and their personal development plans.

You need support for answering those questions while facing the multiple demand types.

Team expertise

Get visibility of your team technical competencies
Get Up to date training levels information
Give juniors the possibilities to grow with adequate senior shadowing

Balanced workload

Anticipate production fluctuation
Share workload amongst the team
Book in advance expected demands
Get committed teamwork

Team agendas

Have full understanding of non-testing activities amount
Free your team member to attend training courses
Enable your team to contribute to company projects

Workload management

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Personal agenda

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Operative Decisions

The cumulative amount of time dedicated into coordinating the resources translate to a loss of operative time.

You could bring more into the business when using a tool such as a laboratory resource management system that supports decision making and communications

Paperless projects

No longer excel files, coloured post-its dashboards and too frequent operative meeting


Get full visibility on the task’s status and access all necessary information loaded automatically from your legacy systems

If scenarios

Generate proposal from the system and make your call with insightful information


Get your team members, stakeholders, and collaborators duly informed

Instrument Qualification

The team knows by heart the operativity level of its most important instruments. Yet the lab instrumentation requires special attention to avoid unexpected interruptions or even worse low-quality results and repeat analysis.

You need visibility to anticipate and coordinate instrument interventions rather than doing firefighting

New instruments onboard

Book your experts to run OQ, PQ and Validation phases
Get your instrument fully operative and compliant on time as planned


Accommodate to the instrument’s requirements
Book the team for standards preparation, calculations, and verification
Coordinate seasonal usage


Book maintenance time slots for your instruments, sensor, and devices
Follow vendors recommendations
Take mayor benefits from your maintenance services contract

Trend analysis

Monitor your instrument runtime
Quantify specific mechanic pieces and precious consumables usage
Prevent downtime issues and anticipate troubleshooting
Adjust calibration method to reduce time intervention yet securing compliance.


Want to know more about Optima Laboratory Scheduling System? Please Contact us, we are happy to discuss it with you.