Have you got your LRMS?

laboratory resource management system

Have you got your LRMS?

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What you read in the title is not a typo, but a serious proposal from Optima. The introduction of a new acronym for a tool that eases the life in the labs and optimizes their work. A suitable and affordable Laboratory Resource Management System – LRMS – for your business needs.

The common Lab Informatics Acronyms

There is a broad use of acronyms in the lab informatics industry referring to systems that handle laboratory data and workflows in paperless manners.  Acronyms such as the ones below are defining the solutions according to their ability to manage specific data or specific workflows. These acronyms are globally used and have entered in the laboratory vocabulary.

  • LIMS: Laboratory Information Management System
  • LES: Laboratory Execution System
  • ELN: Electronic Laboratory Notebook
  • CDS: Chromatography Data Systems
  • SDMS: Scientific Data Management System
  • DMS: Document Management System
  • QMS: Quality management systems
  • EBR: Electronic Batch Record

LRMS: Laboratory Resource Management System

We are now proud to add LRMS into the list: Laboratory Resource Management System. With the recent announcement of the new Optima LRMS version 2021.1, new steps for laboratory managers have been made to support their lab activities and efficiency, improve their KPIs and increase customer satisfaction.

The software applications are key assets when looking for a digital transformation of the laboratories processes. Whether the laboratory is dedicated to research, development, or quality control, whether it provides services to internal or external customers, whether the origins of the samples to be analyzed are biological or chemical, the available software solutions today are numerous and quite different from one to another. It is not anymore, a simple search for the so-called LIMS system that will drive the users to their most suitable solution.

When it comes to resource management, Optima is now proposing a solution that has been developed in collaboration with more than 30 laboratories from different industries, with different compliance requirements yet with very same demanding pressures from their company’s business goals and from their customers.

What does Optima Laboratory Resource Management System offer?

Optima Laboratory Resource Management System facilitates the coordination of the resources, the people, and the instruments taking into consideration the priorities of the analysis requests and considering the different status of those resources that every lab would define accordingly.
Optima incorporates the latest modern technologies to leverage the lab of the future: an automated laboratory where data, methods and processes are seamlessly shared between software applications and analytical instruments.

The ultimate goal for a digitalized laboratory? The empowerment of Data, so that they can provide insights and business intelligence for decision makers sitting at any step of the data life cycle. As such, the LRMS – Laboratory Resource Management Systemis an intelligent tool that supports lab managers in coordinating their resources and provides reports to assess the lab efficiency, ease improvement and planning for short, medium, and long term.

Discover the new LRMS – Laboratory Resource Management System  – capabilities

optima capabilitiesThe Optima LRMS – Laboratory Resource Management System  – v2021.1 supports resource management including ability to schedule, forecast future requirements, provide insights for efficiency improvement and an easy overview on how resources are used and could be optimized.

The LRMS today simplifies the laboratory resources scheduling and considerably reduces this everyday time-consuming activity.
And tomorrow?

The LRMS will facilitate great insights for lab efficiency improvements and shorter response time from all your data and information stored in Optima database.

Contact us to dive deeper into Optima LRMS, its capabilities and how it can ease your life in the lab and optimises your work