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Foresight: the key to successful digital transformation

Much has been written about the digital transformation, the new industrial revolution driven by the rapid progress of new technologies.…

Optima Lab efficiency
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How to evaluate the efficiency of your laboratory services

Getting an overview of the extent to which, the laboratory meets top management expectations and customers satisfaction, happen to be…

optima multilingual
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Facilitating change management: multilingual tool for your lab users

Over the last decade, companies have identified digital transformation as a top priority to gain and maintain competitive advantage. So,…

competency training
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Competency Matrix: How to schedule resources in compliance with regulations

Coordinating your resources is a complex task as there are several types of information that need to be considered in…

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Why is Lab Resource Management such a hot topic nowadays?

The European “rendez-vous” for the Laboratory Informatics industry took place last April at the Paperless Lab Academy®. The Optima team…

scientific computing world
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Removing the hassle from planning lab resources

Scientific Computing World  interviewed Roberto Castelnovo, founder and CEO at Optima PLC Tracking Tools S.L. which has recently launched the…