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laboratory KPIs
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The five biggest mistakes laboratories make with KPIs

When it comes to KPIs, you are probably very familiar with the topic. It’s easy to assume that you have…

planning and rescheduling
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Rescheduling: the ever-demanding challenge for laboratories

Maintaining optimum efficiency is of paramount importance in the demanding world of laboratories. The dynamic nature of laboratory processes requires…

Optima - Secop Case Study
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How to boost efficiency and improve KPIs measurement – the SECOP Case study

A case study in implementation, change management and partnership Secop is the expert for advanced hermetic compressor technologies and cooling…

laboratory resource management system
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Optima LRMS New Version V2023.1 Release Announcement

We are delighted to announce a major update of our Optima LRMS, Laboratory Resource Management System version 2023.1 released by…

implementing an LRMS
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Implementing an LRMS – Laboratory Resource Management System: a piece of cake!

When we talk to potential clients and demonstrate Optima LRMS to them, they all sound excited about the possibilities of…

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Foresight: the key to successful digital transformation

Much has been written about the digital transformation, the new industrial revolution driven by the rapid progress of new technologies.…