New Version 2021.1 Software Release Announcement

Optima Lab Resource Management System

New Version 2021.1 Software Release Announcement

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Press Release: Optima Laboratory Resource Management System V2021.1 Software Release Announcement

We are delighted to announce the new Optima Laboratory Resource Management System – LRMS version 2021.1. released by July 1st, 2021.

It is a major milestone incorporating a sophisticated engine that automates the complex scheduling process of the laboratory resources.

Optima’s algorithm combines all information collected in the system setting and the historical data generated, to provide a scheduling proposal on the best way to coordinate the human and instruments resources to execute the tasks requested and respond to the laboratory’s demand.

“We have incorporated Machine Learning capabilities in order to allocate the laboratory resources in most optimal manner.

This major update creates an unprecedented approach to laboratory resource scheduling which will help any type of organization and any type of laboratories from R&D to QC.

Manufacturing companies relying on laboratories for fast delivery to the market will find great advantages in using Optima.

Companies offering laboratory services as their core business will have the opportunity to streamline their activities and deliver in timely manner to their customers. “ Commented Roberto Castelnovo, CEO at Optima

The Optima Laboratory Resource Management System has the capability to articulate best scenarios while taking in consideration multiple parameters (instrument availability, team members competencies, priorities…) Additionally the system facilitate exhaustive reports for future planning and forecast at medium and long term.

Optima is the answer to a complex activity that leverage your lab efficiency and raise your customer satisfaction

Optima PLC Tracking Tools S.L. is a software company founded in 2016. Optima company goals are to provide advanced and competitive solutions to address the laboratory resource management challenges. Users have confirmed the relevance in implementing Optima at their facilities. Its capabilities make it suitable for every laboratory and industry.

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