resource management

laboratory instrument maintenance program

Thorough Maintenance programs of laboratory instruments sustains optimal resource allocation

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Laboratory instruments are key important assets. As such, a maintenance program supervising their good functioning is essential for an optimal resource allocation. Why are lab instruments so vital within a…

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Optima Lab Resource Management System

New Version 2021.1 Software Release Announcement

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Press Release: Optima Laboratory Resource Management System V2021.1 Software Release Announcement We are delighted to announce the new Optima Laboratory Resource Management System – LRMS version 2021.1. released by July…

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Lab resource scheduler

How efficient is your lab? Ask a Lab resource scheduler

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Preparing and sharing meaningful KPIs related to the lab performance is often a challenge for lab managers This challenge can be overcome, with the help of a lab resource scheduler.…

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The cost of quality in Service Labs

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Cost of quality in service labs is often a challenge that lab managers face and have to overcome on a regular basis In fact, many decision makers have limited understanding…

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resource scheduling

Optima a single platform for laboratory resource management

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Resource Management for Resource Optimization Laboratories are dedicating considerable resource efforts to ensure the best task allocation between the operators and the instruments available. In some occasion, even a team of…

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Optima Laboratory Resource Management system

Resource scheduling: the brightest source of information for laboratory KPIs

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Resource Scheduling: One of the largest “black holes” in the laboratory data management landscape Laboratory managers are continuously challenged with the request to provide the required information in the shortest…

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